Android 12 Features In Details | How Install Android 12 On Smartphone

In this post i will tell you about Android 12 Features. Android is currently the most widely used operating system in the world. The most important thing about android is that it has been constantly changing and has adapted changes, and that is why android is currently popular with the arabs. Android is an open source operating system, so any company can use it without paying any particular payment. Android are operated by Google. But what’s sad is, it’s a stock android, or a full android.

Android 12 Features In Details

Most brands use a layer of their UI to flatten it, and this is why Google pixel is successful. The last update of android was android 11 which was launched in September of the 2020. Android 12 is about to arrive soon and will be more specific. In this article, we will only talk about android 12 and answer questions like what it would be like in what it is (what is android 12) and what will be special in android 12 (android 12 features)

When android 11 was recently launched, we can’t expect to make a lot of changes since it was launched, but some important changes will still be updated as follows:

Storage management will be better than ever:

If you have been using android smartphone for a long time, you may have encountered a number of problems when you don’t use an application too much, but you don’t want to delete the application from your smartphone. In android 12, when you don’t use any applications in your phone for long enough, it will automatically clear cache so that the app is holding less space in your smartphone to give you a better speed.

Apps present at the play store will be easier to do try:

If you download a lot of applications and games from the play store, you may have noticed that there are plenty of applications that you can try to find out how it is and how it is. This can help you decide whether or not to download the app. On android 12, Google is making android runtime its project mine model, which will help us try these types of apps directly and have a smooth experience.

Android 12 Features In Details

To do one task, use two apps:

A lot of software updates are being made in android 12. These changes also make a difference to the speed and response power of the divice. According to the reports that the company is running around about android 12, the company will serve an feature called drinkers which will help users keep 2 apps open in the menu simultaneously. Android tasking is considered better for multitasking from the start and will be even better for android 12 if the feature was added.

The game control support will be performed better:

Play control support for android 12 will also be better depending on the information provided by xda. Yes, android third party is also reducing the game controllers response to a better one. Currently, an API allows you to manage commands from android controllers, but it does not allow developers to access the embedded version of rumbs.

The biggest problem is that high-level vibrations aren’t created, which will spoil the user expectation of mobile gamers. Thus android is currently working on improving game control support by rumbling.

Restricted network will be on mode better manage:

Currently working on an android restricted network mode for an excellent management. Android 12 May appear a revived networking management mode. This gives the operating system more control over what apps to control and which applications to not be provided.
The feature will toggle a setting in the operating system to become an active blocklist, which helps determine whether the applications should be given access to the network or not.

Scanning screenshot support:

Many android smartphones feature the skrooling screenshot, but this is done by their UI. In addition, scrolling screenshots can also be taken using a large number of third party apps. But the feature of scrolling screenshots were not launched officially till now on android side.
Android’s tenth version is likely to be supported scrolling screenshot but it hasn’t come yet and is being said a feature of android 12 officially scrolling screenshots feature.

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In this article, we talked about next version of android 12. user interface for 12 android devices too good for people. brand smart phone using android stock has biggest android 12. Try to learn more about this article, and if you still have questions about android 12 in your mind, comment and tell us.


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