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Hey guys, how are you? I hope you are doing well. So, today i will tell you about Best Unknown Android Apps which is available on Google Play Store & will help you in daily mobile usage enhance your mobile usage experience. All the apps are safe to download & doesn’t harm your smartphone.


With the help of my list of these Most Unique Apps, you can set useful gesture on android phone, enhance your your smartphone look by using best colourful wallpaper apps, secret useful app to encrypt messagescreate amazing story and post for Instagram & also set lock on caller screen .  Best Free Android Apps

Most Unique Apps for Android 

  • Gesture
  • Tuval – Story & Post Templates for Instagram
  • Couchgram – Incoming CAll Lock & App Lock
  • SwirlWalls Prime
  • StealthTap Keyboard

Gesture – Useful Android Apps


This application will make your mobile operating experience much better. As its name suggests, this application will add a useful gesture to your mobile, which you will also like very much. Like when you swipe up from the navigation bar, a drawing board will open, where if you draw ‘Y’ then it will open YouTube, if you draw ‘W’ then WhatsApp will open. Not only this, many options are available here such as flashlight, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. You can do all these settings by opening this app. You can set all the gestures yourself, which you want to set. So let me tell you it’s all the settings step by step.


Steps To Set The Gesture On Android Phone

1. Open the app.

2. Click on getting started & then swipe up.

3. You will get a Gesture Test. So Draw any Alphabet or any icon which you like. It’s a test only. Then do again swipe up.

4. Now Click on ‘OK’

5. Swipe up from the home button in the navigation bar

6. Then click on three lines. Here you will see some options like Manage gesture, Layout settings, and other settings.

7. Click on Manage Gestures click on Add button then draw anything which you want then put a gesture name & save it. After that app will ask that which action do you want for the drawn character or icon. So set any task like Launch App and select the app and save it.


 That’s it guys now your gesture is ready to use. Customize other settings for a better experience.

Download Here


Tuval Story & Post Templates for Instagram – Useful Android Apps


It’s is the best app to create an amazing story, post for Instagram or any Social Media platform. Plan Collages, Edit Photos, Apply Filters to Amazing Templates, Make Stories


Make stunning stories and posts free of charge with Tuval. Your record will catch everyone’s eye and make everybody envious.


Get seen with a free photograph supervisor and composition creator apparatus that takes your online media stories and presents them on another level!


It is ideal for Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, and some more.


Disregard the occasions when you needed to go through huge loads of information and pictures looking for motivation, everything is prepared in one application!


Pick an ideal material size for your number one web-based media, add lines to photographs,


Casing them with flawless helpful instruments.


Add text with remarkable textual styles, join with stickers and let creative mind guide you!


You can apply channels, add carefully assembled stickers and writings with an assortment of impacts easily.


You can pick among prepared to utilize uncommon formats and distribute them inside the space of seconds just by adding your photographs.


Additionally! Add various pictures with a free photograph composition creator.


Pick among many formats.


Join your photographs effectively, add compositions and mortars.


Think beyond practical boundaries and plan as you need, there’s no restriction!


With Tuval Premium you can utilize the entirety of the formats, arrangements, text styles, and stickers.


There will consistently be recently added layouts, collections, new text styles, and heavenly stickers!



Couchgram – Best App Lock for Android


Do we have privacy to your Mobile? Probably all folks have put some pattern or password security. But can we have lock privacy to our incoming calls? Consequently, they can’t resist others to aim our incoming calls. Therefore here I’m providing one solution with the name “Couchgram Call & App Lock”.


Yes, now I’m getting to mention the way to protect our incoming calls from others shoulder snooping with Couchgram. So just check out the salient features of Couchgram to be safer. By using this, additionally, we will acquire the entire security of your android mobile.


Couchgram Call & App Lock is that the most trusted No.1 Call & App lock. The prominent features are listed now.


App lock

Incoming call lock

Hide caller ID / Rename caller ID

Speed Booster(Memory Boost)

Call log Auto Delete contacts

Forwarding incoming calls to chatting

Incoming Wallpapers

Status Bar Mode

Night Mode

Incoming call screen lock:

We can have full privacy for our incoming calls by setting our password. In these, we will choose the lock type you would like to place.


Pattern Mode

2 digits lock mode

4 digits lock mode

Button Mode

Call Button Mode


App lock: due to this we will get protection to our phone logs, text messages, photos, video, etc. we will put pattern lock as a security measure. But first of all, you’ve got to permit Couchgram to access these apps.


Hide Caller ID/ Rename caller ID: Rather we will change or hide the caller name on the incoming call lock screen.


Speed Booster: For furthermore Couchgram is additionally providing an option for enhancing our device often.


Call Log Auto Delete Contacts: If we would like to cover specific contact call logs we will add that number to automatically delete the call logs option.




Chatting Service: once we aren’t in a position to require a call rather we will forward this call to the chatting service. All SMS sent by this service is free if the caller is additionally a Couchgram user otherwise normal charges may apply.


Incoming call Wall Paper: we will express our preferences by selecting unique incoming call wallpapers.

we can select photos that capture our favorite moments with our loved ones.


Night Mode: once we are in a place like theaters we can’t use our mobile even with minimum brightness. While in such sort of situations, Night Mode will make it easy for us. it’ll reduce our brightness but our usual configuration. thanks to this, we will operate our mobile with very ease even in crowded places also with no obstruction.


Status bar Mode: we will simply activate and switch off each of the features within the status window. It comes when sliding it down from the highest of our phone screens.


Additional Features:

In any case, if we lost our phone and that we activated the decision privacy mode. Is it possible to call our mobile if somebody had it? Yes, it’s possible yet. we will register an emergency contact number through which anybody can lift the decision from that specific number.

Fingerprint Lock is also supported by call privacy mode on android 6.0 or SAMSUNG devices of Galaxy series (S, A).

Finally, I can say this is often the unique Application for Android with more security and more features. do this once and you’ll say furthermore.

Download Here


SwirlWalls Prime – Best Wallpaper Apps



SwirlWalls. Portrayed as a “cutting edge backdrop experience,” the application adds carefully assembled winding live backdrops to your Android gadget.


“SwirlWalls makes the innumerable home screen page changes, signal route swipes and lock screen connections you do every day in a split second feel more responsive,” the application’s posting says on Google Play. “Also, with FlickFX, SwirlWalls’ (discretionary) Wii Remote style flick material science framework, you’ll find a magnificently fun miniature signal that just make utilizing your telephone more fun.”


SwirlWalls highlights more than 140 custom, twirl themed backdrops with unending customization alternatives. Each backdrop is accessible in at least 10 “remixes,” so there are a lot of choices accessible to coordinate with your style. The application likewise offers full Dark Theme support, and consequently switches relying upon your framework inclinations.


The following are a portion of different highlights featured by the application’s posting:


Open genuine backdrop intelligence: Once you find the amount more responsive SwirlWalls’ energized backdrops cause your telephone to feel, you’ll can’t help thinking about how you’ve gone for such a long time without it.


FlickFX: A shockingly habit-forming motion based control framework where you flick your gadget (actually like a Wii Remote) to make your backdrop turn. Have a go at affixing left and right swipes together and relax in the miniature nibbles of pleasure that follow!


Dynamic render speeds: SwirlWalls matches your telephone’s invigorate rate, so there could be no more excellent approach to experience and flaunt your high revive rate screen!


Configurable signals: Switch backdrops straightforwardly from your home screen by means of adjustable motion controls. You can even set a signal to “Lock” the gadget screen.


Settings: Tweak the backdrop faint, color the status/route bars, change turn speeds and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


It’s a fascinating interpretation of the backdrop, and one that Lacy guarantees will be more enjoyable and intuitive than an average foundation picture.

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StealthTAp – Encrypt Messages On Android



StealthTap Keyboard is exceptional console application that permits you to lock every one of the messages you send from your versatile. You can utilize StealthTap Keyboard for imparting on any application be it WhatsApp, Kik, iMessage, Facebook Messenger or Hangouts. All you need is to supplant the console on your telephone with StealthTap Keyboard. Stressed that cozy messages from your accomplice will be displayed on warning for anybody to see? Stressed to handover your telephone for few moments to your companions/family as they may become acquainted with your own messages? Changing to another courier application just to send a private message is a “torment” as your organization of loved ones probably won’t be accessible on that courier application Stress no more, get StealthTap Keyboard to send private messages in any courier StealthTap Keyboard is a great application for all the youthful recent college grads that affection and regard their own protection. Utilizing StealthTap Keyboard: 1. You can lock a message that you composed by clicking lock symbol. 2. You can open a message by duplicating the locked message and clicking open symbol. 3. You can set a PIN, with the goal that when open symbol is clicked StealthTap Keyboard prompts for PIN to limit others from perusing the got message. How it functions: On enacting the console, clients can type normal content, then, at that point hit the lock symbol on the upper left side. This encodes the message and attaches text inciting the beneficiary to download the console. To decode it, the getting client needs to duplicate the message, open up the console (by hitting the informing box) and hit the open symbol at the upper right corner. When the console is set to open, any scrambled messages replicated are quickly displayed in plain content in the window underneath.

Download Here


Final Words

We are ending our awesome list of some of the Best Unknown Android Apps that can be a interesting for you. Reach out and comment below to give us your valuable suggestions so that we keep improving. Tell us about some of the other lists which you would like to see a detailed article on. 








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