How To Change Notification Icon On Android | Notification Light On Amoled Smartphone

Do you know how to change notification icon on android ? You purchased another Android phone, one of those that offers an extremely great screen utilizing the AMOLED innovation however you have seen that something fundamental is absent for you, that is the notice LED. Notwithstanding the Always On Display this isn’t sufficient for you thus what to do? Try not to stress since we have the answer for your concern and presently we will disclose how to change your cell phone show as a warning LED. 


Furthermore, in case you are pondering, you don’t need to fall back on equipment arrangements, but instead go to an application accessible on the Play Store, which will take advantage of a segment of the showcase to make it light up while getting notices from certain applications, messages and calls. without influencing self-sufficiency. It’s an ideal opportunity to enlighten you concerning NotifyBuddy.


We couldn’t say whether this is the best answer for the issue however it was as yet viable and furthermore the NotifyBuddy settings permit you to significantly modify the warning experience on your cell phone, for instance by changing the state of the LED that will show up, just as to tweak the shading, blazing rate, position and considerably more, despite the fact that it ought to be noticed that a large portion of the customization choices are not accessible in the free form.

Something else to indicate is that NotifyBuddy gives its best with cell phones furnished with AMOLED innovation so as not to influence energy utilization, but rather if fundamental its activity is additionally ensured with cell phones with an IPS screen. Indeed, the AMOLED screen innovation permits you to turn on just the areas of the screen that should be enlightened, leaving the rest off and without burning-through energy while, standard IPS and LCD boards can’t do this, since the whole screen consistently illuminates totally.

How To Change Notification Icon On Android

This is the thing that permits OLED boards to utilize things like Always-On Display without totally depleting the distinction battery of the IPS boards. So on the off chance that you use NotifyBuddy with these gadgets, you will see a drop in execution as far as force utilization. Be that as it may, we should not burn through any additional time and see what it is. 


  1. Download the NotifyBuddy application from below link
  2. Open NotifyBuddy on your gadget e award access consents to notices and overlay; 


Note : You can likewise handicap power saving, yet this is a discretionary decision that doesn’t influence the real presentation of the application. 


You presently have a few symbols at the base, separated by User, System, Activate and Settings. The last we dissect later, while from the initial two you can choose the applications from which you need to get a warning as a LED. The Activate thing shows you an outline of the applications from which you have decided to get the warning as LEDs; 


The last symbol rather permits you to alter NotifyBuddy in a super customized way. We show you the proposed things in the accompanying passage. 

Recollect that not all settings are accessible in the free form of the application, yet you can start to see the viability of NotifyBuddy and afterward at last assess the Premium rendition. Be that as it may, the things you will discover in the Settings are the accompanying: 

 Duration of LED Notification : from here you can choose how it requires for the LED to illuminate totally. 

 Flash Interval : that is the time that slips by between one blaze and the following of the virtual LED. 

Off Timer : that is the time it takes for the LED to quit squinting in the wake of getting a warning. 

 Delay : You can choose how long the application requires to play the notice LED from when it gets the genuine notice.

 Burn-in Protection : Moves the situation of the LED arbitrarily to forestall a space of ​​the screen from being devoured and/or harmed. 

 Show Individual LEDs: it is feasible to make an alternate LED for each single application (see model photograph displayed inside the article).

Enable Pocket Mode : You can keep the LED from turning on the off chance that you have placed your cell phone in your pockets/pack. 

 Use APP Icon as LED: as the name proposes, the LED will appear as the application symbol from which you get the notice. 

 LED size: You can zoom in or out the size as indicated by your taste. 

 LED shape: as an option in contrast to the exemplary circle, you can choose the shape among 20 unique alternatives (star, blossom and so forth ..). 

 Different alternatives permit you to change the situation of the LED, empower the twofold tap to turn on the screen, change the programmed splendor, show the charge marker and considerably more, for example, making your own AOD. 

 Suppose that NotifyBuddy can possibly sell, truth be told the most ideal alternatives sadly are paid, yet in any case, the free form actually permits you to tackle the underlying issue that we had presented.

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