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Hey guys, how are you? I hope you are doing well. So, today i will tell you about 5 POWERFUL Android apps which is available on Google Play Store & will help you in daily mobile usage. All the apps are safe to download & doesn’t harm your smartphone.

With the help of my list of POWERFUL apps, you can remove ads from android, enhance your your smartphone look by using amazing wallpaper apps, secret useful app for whatsapp, get netflix account free & also change battery charging animation on android to get better mobile look. Best Free Android Apps

Are you excited? So, let’s get started.


Best Apps For Android 2021

  • Battery Charging Animation – Photo Battery Charger
  • WABox – Toolkit For WhatsApp
  • Huna Wallpaper 4k 3D
  • Netflix SV4
  • Personal DNS Filter – Block tracking Malware & More


Battery Charging Animation – Best Customization Apps


Battery Charging Animation helps to set animation effects while charge your phone.
No need to check repeatly if your phone charging or not amazing tools helps to show charging animation effects.
Lots of animation emoticons collection to set on charging themes.
Photo Battery Charger helps to set your own photos while phone charge.
Now give a new look of charging screen while charging your phone.
Easy to detect battery level with beautiful wave indicator on your photo.
You can crop & customize your photo for charging screen.
Now upgrade to old charging style with new Photo Battery Charging.
Set your own photos or set different emoticons while phone charging.
Features :-
* Fully customized battery charging animation effects.
* Set different charging emoticons.
* You can set own photo also with cropping feature.
* Turn on charging animation & automatically play on screen.
* New look for battery charger.
* Connect your charger & show animation on your screen.
* Select theme for charging screen.
* Some default animation themes available.
* You can also set customize animation effects also.
* Easy to extend battery life & performance.
• When you plug charger in your phone animation show on charging.
Battery Charging Animation provides a fast & easy way to create amazing battery charging screen with customized settings.
Now easy to detect battery level with beautiful wave indicator on your photo.




WABox – Toolkit For Whatsapp – Best Customization Apps



WABox is a complete toolkit for WhatsApp that brings you all the incredible features needed in 2021. From Status Saver for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web Scanner to some advanced features like WhatsDeleted – which shows deleted WhatsApp messages and media, Transparent WhatsApp, and Direct Chat, WABox packs in the finest goodies.
The app comes with a remarkably beautiful and easy-to-use interface created with the latest trends in mind. Here’s a full list of features that WABox offers:
WhatsDeleted – View deleted WhatsApp messages and Images when sender deletes for everyone.
WhatsApp Web Scanner – Scan a QR Code of WhatsApp Web right inside the app to enjoy WA web services.
Status Saver for WhatsApp Video/Images – Easily download WhatsApp status images or videos with WABox.
Language Support – Support for Arabic(ar), German(de), Indonesian(id), Portuguese(pt), Russian(ru), and Spanish(es) languages.
Walk & Chat – A fantastic feature that leverages the phone’s camera to make WhatsApp chat background transparent with less opacity.
WhatsApp Cleaner App 2021 – Saves an ample amount of space by cleaning WhatsApp sent images, videos, documents, and cache.
Fake Chat & Call – A fun tool to create a fake WhatsApp conversation or call.
Text Repeater Pro – Repeat any text up to 10,000 times with this feature.
ASCII Text Art Generator for WhatsApp – It offers a plethora of ASCII ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ faces in Happy, Angry, and other categories.
Direct Chat – Start a conversation or message to the unsaved numbers on WhatsApp.
Text To Emoji Converter – Easily convert any written word or text to emojis.
Shake To Open WhatsApp – A quick shortcut to land you on WhatsApp’s home screen from anywhere on the phone.
Gallery – A dedicated gallery to keep all the WhatsApp media in one place.
Note: WABox – Toolkit For WhatsApp is not associated with official WhatsApp Inc.

Huna Wallpaper – Best Wallpaper Apps For Android



HuNa Wallpapers: 4K, 3D, Parallax, HD, Auto – where you can find free hand-selected beautiful wallpapers for your phone. With a lot of beautiful images in the app, varied image quality like HD, 4K (UHD | Ultra HD) as well as Full HD (High Definition. you can change the look of your phone every day. You won’t need any other wallpaper apps.
– Adapted wallpaper for your device:
Only the wallpapers appropriate for your device will be displayed.
Supports all devices of all screen sizes. Never have poor quality wallpapers.
– Custom cutting of wallpaper under your screen:
Customize frame, size, rotation to achieve the perfect photo for your device.
– New wallpapers every hour:
Over 100,000 wallpapers are available and continuously updated with the best photos every hour.
– Save battery and resources:
With wallpapers specially created for your device, we make the app run smoothly, save battery power and internet traffic.
– Double wallpaper:
You can simultaneously update a set of wallpapers for the lock screen and home screen are not the same but with a unified, unique to show your personality.
– Daily wallpaper:
Change the wallpaper automatically every day to make it fresh.
Parallax Live wallpaper:
Live wallpaper with very cool 3D effects with Parallax Wallpapers.

Netflix SV4 – Best Free Webseries Apps




Next up we have Netflix SV4 which basically lets you watch all the latest Tv shows and movies for free in different video quality.
I would say this is the best alternative to any paid video streaming application. The app has a very minimal UI and looks that let you navigate through all the videos, series, and dramas. All the content available on this platform are in High-quality resolution.
One of the best things about this app is that it’s very responsive and doesn’t take long to stream the videos. Also, you have the option to cast the video using Chromecast. All these perks are available without any charges, which makes it the best Android app on our list.

Perosonal DNS Filter  – Block Ads On Android


PersonalDNSfilter is a DNS filter app for Android. It hooks into the domain name (DNS) resolution and blocks access to filtered hosts. It can be used for filtering any unwanted hosts which are related to malware, phishing, tracking and more based on a host list.
It will be an eye opener, when you see the personalDNSfilter live log showing all the different domains accessed from your mobile under the hood.
On Android 4.2 and newer it can be used as effective malware, tracking and ad server filter without root access!
personalDNSfilter is also a DNS changer app, you can set any upstream DNS server you trust. It also supports encrypted DNS servers via DoH (DNS over HTTPS) and DoT (DNS over TLS).
Filtering is completely local – no tracking, no data is sent to us!
You can run it locally on your device or centrally as DNS server in your network.
▪ personalDNSfilter is not a real VPN – it does not hide your IP and does not cloak your location
▪ Storage permission (files permission) is needed to save configuration files and settings backups on your device – we don’t access your photos or whatever
▪ App whitelist works only in VPN filter mode – not in root mode
▪ With personalDNSfilter it’s not possible to block YouTube and Facebook ads (and other first party ads). Please use alternative platform clients for that
▪ We don’t collect user data – no data is sent to us in any way

Final Words

We are ending our awesome list of some of the best powerful android apps that can be a interesting for you. Reach out and comment below to give us your valuable suggestions so that we keep improving. Tell us about some of the other lists which you would like to see a detailed article on.




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