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Hey guys, how are you? I hope you are doing well. So, today i will tell you about Top 5 SUPER AMAZING Android Apps which is available on Google Play Store & will help you in daily mobile usage enhance your mobile usage experience. All the apps are safe to download & doesn’t harm your smartphone.

With the help of my list of these Amazing Apps, you can customize android phone with cool home screen setups, enhance your your smartphone look by using best android launcher, secret useful app for email id, change navigation bar on android & also set useful clock on mobile to get better mobile look. Best Free Android Apps

Are you excited? So, let’s get started.


Amazing Apps For Android 2021


  • SpamBox Anonymous Temp Email
  • Screenie Home Screen Setups/Wallpapers
  • Zenflip Clock
  • AIO Launcher
  • Quick Buttons – Navigation Bar & Soft Buttons

Spambox Anonymous Temp Email – Best Email Apps


Its an amazing secondary email app for android. Just install SpamBox and click on settings button. Here You will get options to change the name of email and also get some extraa usefull functions to do much more. Its an easy to use application to create anonymous email ids that you can safely use on internet, signups and any other places you would like to protect your privacy. Your SpamBox email address is not temporary like in some other email websites or apps; your address will be alive as long as the application is installed.
✔ This App is Fully FREE & Ads Free also.
✔ It will not show you annoying notifications
✔ You can use this app without any hesitation to Stop Spam emails.
✔ It Will Protect your privacy
This app is advanced, easy to use and ads free version of services like : 10minute mail, guerrilla mail, mailinator, temporary email, getair mail, throwaway mail, temp mail, burner mail and others.
NOTE: You cannot send email using this app, only receive.

Screenie Home Screen Setups – Best Customization Apps


Its is the best app to make your Home Screen Sexier. Screenie consists of various Home Screen Setup References along with Backup Files with which you can theme your Home Screen in a Creative, Innovative Way.
It features cool wallpapers and amazing Home Screen Setups with all the the resources used like Icon Packs, Launcher, Widget Names, etc.
It also features more than a thousands Home Screen Setups which are updated every day.
You can download your favorite Home Screen Setups, Launchers, Backupson your smartphone from the Screenie app.
It displays the Icon Packs and Widgets used for each Home Screen Setup and redirects you towards those resources by just clicking on the “ICONS” and “WIDGETS” options provided at the bottom of each setup.
It is an amazing app that provides you with the latest and stunning Home Screen Setups along with the Backups of Launcher. You can easily Download the Backup of your favorite Widget by just clicking on the “BACKUP” button.


Zenflip Clock – Best Timer Apps


Its a very beautiful application which is available on google playstore. With the help of this application you can set amazing clock on your android smartphone. Which gives a next level look to your smartphone. Here you can customize almost everything like hide date or unhide date, turn on 24 hour format clock, enable or disable seconds, show date and much more. when you slide up on the screen, you will get some useful customization options and settings like change theme, rotation settings etc.
if you are looking for a timer or clock android application then you should definitely try it.
1. Tap AM/PM label to switch 24/12 time format
2. Tap weekday label to toggle weekday
3. Tap seconds label to toggle second
4. Swipe up to settings
5. Swipe left to pomodoro

AIO Launcher – Best Launcher Apps


AIO Launcher is one of the best Android Launcher which i have seen on the google playstore. Its not ordinary home screen changing application. It does not have colorful icons, many animation effects and a variety of themes. Instead, AIO Launcher uses a screen space to show you the most important information.
AIO Launcher can display the subsequent information on the screen:
* Weather – current weather and forecast for 10 days;
* Notifications – standard android notifications;
* Player – once you activate the music, playback control buttons appear;
* Frequent apps – frequently used applications buttons;
* Your apps – the icons of the chosen applications;
* Contacts – quick contacts;
* Dialer – numpad for quick calls;
* Timer – timer start buttons;
* Mail – list of received emails;
* Notes – list of your notes;
* Tasks – list of tasks;
* Telegram – last messages (paid);
* RSS – latest news;
* Twitter – all tweets or one user tweets;
* Calendar – upcoming events within the calendar;
* Exchange rates – currency exchange rates;
* Bitcoin – the bitcoin price;
* Finance – stocks, precious metals, cryptocurrencies etc (paid);
* Calculator – simple calculator;
* Audio Recorder – record, play and share audio;
* System monitor – RAM and NAND usage, percentage of battery power;
* instrument panel – toggles for WiFi/BT/GPS etc;
* Traffic – shows current download/upload rates and connection type;
* Android widget – standard app widgets (paid).
Other features:
* Several different themes;
* Icon packs support;
* Multiple icon shapes;
* Ability to vary font size;
* Advanced search system for applications, contacts, files and knowledge on the Internet;
* Ability to rename applications;
* Widgets and plugins support;
* Tasker integration;
* Gestures;
* Very customizable.
* Swipe on search button opens quick menu with phone, camera and market;
* to feature the Android widget, long press search button and choose the “+” icon;
* To resize the widget, hold the finger on the widget, then use the up and down buttons;
* To access the list of all applications, drag from the left fringe of the screen;
* Hold finger on various elements of the screen to open menu;
* To open settings, hold your finger on the search button, then click the gear icon;
* Hold the title of the widget to maneuver it around;
* Any widget are often disabled in settings;
* you’ll minimize the widget by clicking on its name;
* to get rid of an application, open the appliance menu, hold your finger on the specified application, and drag it to the recycle bin icon.
If app widgets don’t work on MIUI otherwise you can’t open notification via built-in Notifications widget:
Go to the appliance settings on your phone, find the appliance that owns the widget, click “Other permissions” and enable “Display pop-ups when running within the background” option.
If the appliance restarts whenever you come back to the desktop – add the launcher to the facility saving mode exceptions (you can read the way to do that here:
This app uses the Device Administrator permission.












Quick Buttons Navigation – Best Customization Apps


This app helps you to line a colourful bottom navigation bar which has the rear button , home button and up to date apps button along side a group of feature buttons that has power button , volume button , flash light.
Is your back button, home button or volume button stopped working or are they damaged? This app is for you
This app enables you to preserve and safeguard your power button and volume buttons by providing you the soft power button and soft volume button and thus reducing the necessity to use your device’s volume button to increase/ decrease volume and power button to show your separate off .
Working of this app:
1) Install our quick buttons app and enable the accessibility service for this app.
Steps to Enable Accessibility service:
• Once installed, our app prompts you to enable accessibility service
• Clicking on enable takes you to your device’s accessibility settings.
• during this page, choose the fast buttons App and enable accessibility service for the app.
2) Once accessibility service is Enabled, you’ll immediately see Navigation bar and have bar being added to your screen.
3) Once you exit your settings page, you’ll be landed into the fast Buttons App.
4) Here you’ll configure all the features and settings you favor .
Following are the features / settings you’ll configure:
o you’ll configure want the rear button at left or right
o you’ll choose a color for your bottom navigation bar from an inventory of handpicked colors
o you’ll choose a group of feature buttons which you would like to enable/ disable.
Show or Hide Navigation Bar:
If you would like to cover navigation bar , just click on the dock button (right most button) provided within the navigation bar. so as to urge back your navigation bar, tap or swipe from rock bottom and your navigation bar will re appear.
Dock / Undock Feature Bar:
Similarly you’ll dock the feature bar by clicking the dock button (bottom most button) within the feature bar. this may dock the feature bar and can occupy minimum space on the screen. Clicking on the docked bar would reopen the feature bar.
With this app you’re always liberal to choose which features you would like . If you favor to use only the navigation bar ( back button , home button , recents button ), you’ll just disable the feature buttons from the fast Button App’s settings.
Similarly, if you would like to use only the feature buttons (power button , volume button and flash light ), you’ll disable the navigation bar feature from the fast Buttons App’s settings
Enjoy the app and do rate us if you liked the app 😎



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Final Words

We are ending our awesome list of some of the Top 5 SUPER AMAZING Android Apps On Playstore that can be a interesting for you. Reach out and comment below to give us your valuable suggestions so that we keep improving. Tell us about some of the other lists which you would like to see a detailed article on.


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